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Trivia Question for Monday, July 06, 2015
Q: Louie the cat had a pretty sneaky hiding spot when he disappeared into a towel! Nothing his humans did could get him out, until...
  1. They used the magic words
  2. They shook him out of the towel
  3. They scared him out of the towel
  4. They dried off with the towel after a shower (Correct Answer)
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Trivia Question for Sunday, July 05, 2015
Q: The musical CATS is based on a book of poems by which British author?
  1. Robert Louis Stevenson
  2. Lewis Carroll
  3. Roald Dahl
  4. T.S. Eliot (Correct Answer)
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Trivia Question for Saturday, July 04, 2015
Q: What part of a cat is most vulnerable to sunburn?
  1. Paws
  2. Nowhere - they have fur!
  3. Tips of the ears (Correct Answer)
  4. Tail
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Trivia Question for Friday, July 03, 2015
Q: When Trisha brought home Koda, a tiny ginger kitten, she was afraid that her ____ would scare him. Boy was she surprised!
  1. Automatic sprinkler system
  2. Older one-eyed cat, Ned
  3. AC unit
  4. Large golden retriever, Kilo (Correct Answer)
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Trivia Question for Thursday, July 02, 2015
Q: It’s time for a Grand Ol’ Giveaway! When you enter to win a $500 shopping spree, we’ll give you a free ____.
  1. Pair of Purple Cat-Eyed Sunglasses
  2. “I Love My Pets” Mug
  3. Pair of Purple Paw Dangle Stud Earrings (Correct Answer)
  4. Purple Paw Screaming Eagle Flag
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Trivia Question for Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Q: This New Mexico office library has a whole new spin on cats. Most libraries offer books about cats, but this library ____.
  1. Offers a live kitten-cam
  2. Lets workers “check out” a cat (Correct Answer)
  3. Provides cat grooming
  4. Welcomes you to bring your cat
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